Biomere® waxes: efficiency with reduced environmental impact

Plastic waste, as well as the use and disposal of microplastics, are one of the major causes of environmental pollution, a real plague that afflicts our times.

To deal with this problem and actively contribute to the containment of microplastics, Deurex, a company that has been operating in the wax sector since 1989, has developed an innovative range of products: Biomere® biodegradable waxes.

Biomere® waxes are a true protagonist of sustainable production as they are characterized by:

  • be made up of 100% raw materials of natural origin
  • offer the same performance and properties as non-biodegradable polymers
  • avoid the formation of microplastics as they are plastic-free
  • offer flexible degradability based on the final product

Deurex is therefore able to offer a complete portfolio of waxes suitable for any type of application and available in different forms, with the peculiarity of being all biodegradable and certified according to OECD 301B.

Biomere® waxes are distributed throughout Italy by Oxipol, a company of the Dollmar Group.

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