Oxipol, a Dollmar Group company, was established in 2004 as a key player in the distribution of epoxy resins and amine and polyamide based hardeners.

This choice was born in order to proposing to customers as an active partner, as well as with basic products, with specialized and innovative products in various application sectors such as construction, coatings, composites and adhesives.

It also has a research & development and technical assistance laboratory with the aim of combining a commercial service with a valid help for its customers in problem solving and targeted development of specialized products.

Oxipol’s goal is to improve and expand more and more its product portfolio and its service, maintaining a flexible approach, able to combine the technological and creative contribution of a small company with the professionalism and productive capacity of a multinational industry.

Furthermore, starting from 2018, Oxipol has become the official distributor of the Epilox┬« range of  epoxy resins for Leuna Harze Gmbh company.

To maximize its purpose by meeting the needs of a constantly evolving market, Oxipol is equipped with:

  • Storage tanks for various types of resins
  • A plant for the production of mixtures and customized products with capacities ranging from 500 to 1000 kg
  • Technical laboratory assistance able to help customers solve technical and application problems for the various markets in which the company operates
  • Internal analytical system for capillary control of the products sold and able to support customers in case of need

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